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We were very impressed and appreciative of the precautions taken to ensure our home and property were not damaged during the process. We are grateful to have found you and now we can share our positive experience as a future reference. We really appreciated the great communication from Ron every step of the way. We would like to thank you so much for the terrific job your crew did on our roof – not to mention the timely manner in which Ron arrived every time. We had 3 other companies approach us to fix our roof. We picked your company, because we know your quality of work is great and so is your service from seeing and hearing from our neighbors home you have done, Thanks again! To you and your whole Crew!”
– Mike Johnson

“My experience has been Pros property management personnel are knowledgeable and have excellent expertise in all types of roofing, and that the management of the company is superior. All projects that I have worked on with Pros property management have been completed satisfactorily and in my opinion is one of the top roofing contractors around, and it is a pleasure to speak on their behalf.”
– Mike Groditski

“Had wood shingles, Complete re-roof in 2 1/2 days! My house is not that small I don’t think? Left the yard clean. Even our lawn service guys complimented their team to me on lack of nails, debris, etc. left compared to our neighbors’ choice of roofers, those guys left all kinds of trash around in the yards. I called Ron when the guys were done with my roof, I think he is the owner and he came right over made sure I was satisfied and helped his guys with picking up the trash in my yard and wherever the trash blew like across the street! Now that’s what you call a good boss and there going to redo my whole kitchen next!”
-Sherri H

I recently contacted Pros General Contractors to help me with a small home remodeling project I needed done. They came over, checked out my home and discussed with me what I wanted for the space. Soon after that, they had drawn up a design and started breaking ground. Everyone was absolutely wonderful, and the work they did was amazing. I’m blown away with the results, and will hire them for every contracting job I need done from now on!
– Blake